Video Production Samples

This is the "about us" video that we produced for a local dentist.

Since most people have some fear about going to the dentist, we started off with a video that would introduce the doctor and the staff to help put the prospects mind at ease and let them know that there is nothing to worry about. You will notice that we do not show any dental devices that might possibly bring back bad memories of past experience in the dental chair (needles, dental tools, technician wearing a mask with tools in her hand, etc.) After spending some time with the office manager and doctor, we decided to produce a video on Cosmetic Dentistry, Implants, and TMJ. We also produced 12 short "Palencia Dental tip of the week" videos to give free dental information on social media, drive traffic to their website, and show Google that this dental practice is producing content on a regular basis and posting it to YouTube. Google owns YouTube so this is very important to obtain a more favorable search ranking. Compelling testimonials are seen throughout the videos, which helps to reduce the fear factor and increase the credibility of the doctor and her staff. These videos give this dental office a clear advantage over their competition not only for the search engine visibility, but when prospects are searching online for their services they will stand out as being more credible and friendly.

This is an introduction video to present to One Spark for a chance to appear on Spark Tank.

The purpose of this video is to introduce the management team of Reviticell, a bio medical company, to One Spark for a chance to be featured on Spark Tank in Jacksonville, Florida. The video was limited to 60 seconds which prevented us from adding an animated logo as an introduction. We designed a "lower third" graphic which included their logo to present it throughout the video, and this provided a place to introduce the name and title of the speaker.

This is an "about us" video for a local chiropractor.

The purpose of this video is to attract new patients into the office and introduce the doctor to the thousands of prospective patients searching for a chiropractor online in Jacksonville. Footage was produced from several different locations to show off the brand new office facility. Powerful testimonials effectively convey the professionalism and expertise of this chiropractor.

This commercial was produced for a window guard manufacturer.

This video utilized a spokesperson to introduce the product and provide the voice over throughout. Video footage provided visual proof that this device prevents small children from falling through an open window.

This video was produced for Atlas Yacht Sales, a local Yacht broker in St. Augustine.

This video highlights the experience of Rose Ann and Chuck. It also focuses on the testimonies of several satisfied clients.

This is the "about us" video that we produced for a local chiropractor.

The purpose of this video is to get the viewer to know, like, and trust the doctor, team, and overall office experience. In addition to the introductory video, the plan was to produce several videos explaining services that the Chiropractors in this office specialize in. We conducted key word research for the most popular search terms in the vicinity of the Chiropractors office which helped the doctors determine what areas of practice they wanted to focus on. Three additional videos were produced for Alternative Medicine, Chiropractic, and Sports Injuries. We also produced a series of 12 "Health Minute" videos to post on social media to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to their website. We added compelling testimonials throughout the videos, which are very helpful in giving a "live" third party referral. These videos give this chiropractic office a clear advantage over their competition not only for the search engine visibility, but when prospects are searching online for their services they will stand out as being more credible and friendly. Visit their website to see how powerful videos are when used to market your products and services on your website.

This is a promotional video for a health and fitness center.

The purpose of this video is to attract new female members in the 35 - 55 age demographic. We opened the video with an animated company logo and transitioned into an energized mix of animation and on site video footage that shows some of the highlights of the facility. A professional voice over and upbeat music adds a great deal to the initial perception of the brand. We then move on to the manager's introduction, followed by an incredible weight loss testimony. A message from one of the trainers follows and then as the video closes we introduce one more testimonial and then a strong call to action. This is a powerful tool to use in social marketing campaigns because we can target the female 35 - 55 age range through Facebook ads.

This is a "Tip Of The Week" video for a dental office.

The purpose of this video is to give quick advice for a particular dental procedure. These tip of the week videos are posted to YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook every week. This tells the search engines that you are systematically posting relevant content, and they LOVE that, which helps you rank higher on the search engines. These also advertise your business with regular posts on Facebook.

This is a promotional "about us" video that we produced for a local attorney.

The purpose of this video is to introduce the attorney to the viewer to establish a personal bond and educate the viewer about the experience and expertise of the law firm.

This is a promotional and thank you video for The Active Boomers & Seniors Expo held in St. Augustine.

The purpose of this video is to thank the participants and keep them motivated for future expos.

This is a promo/sales video that we produced for our business and is the same video that is on the home page.

It is shown again here so we can illustrate how this video was written, directed, and produced. We feel that it is very important to have a clear idea of why you are producing a video, who your target market is, and what you are going to do with it when it is done. Three things were at the top of our list to accomplish when we wrote the script and storyboard for this video: 1 - Provide information and statistics that show how important it is to establish a video presence on the internet. 2 - Include a testimonial that tells the story of how marketing videos transformed a business. 3 - Display a variety of animations, slides, and special effects to illustrate some of the powerful tools that can be used to get a point across. This video starts with a good music lead-in as our animated logo jumps down into the scene. It starts with a question to get the viewer more involved psychologically. Then the special effects accompany the facts and figures for a more dramatic feel. It is followed by a testimonial, green screen & drone effects and ends with a strong call to action.

We produced this product video several years ago and used some creative ways to illustrate the product.

When the phone keeps ringing and instead of taking orders you keep answering the same questions over and over it's time to produce some product videos. That's what I did when I owned a printing company several years ago. After the video library was posted on our site, when someone called with a question we directed them to the product videos. The response was incredible, and we spent more time on the phone taking orders and less time answering questions.

This is a product video that shows some nice close up shots.

We were getting a LOT of requests for samples of our tamper labels. That cost us time and money, and was frustrating because the customer was ready to buy but was hesitant because they couldn't see our products in action. We fixed that problem with the product videos. Instead of prospects requesting samples, we now had a lot more customers placing orders.

Please call us today and we can talk about how to get started on YOUR video!


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